Community Season 2, Episode 8: Cooperative Calligraphy

By: David Monday, November 15th, 2010 12:53 am GMT -5 1,006 views No Comment

Hey gang. First let me issue a few apologies. It’s been a crazy hectic few days and I havent been able to rewatch this past week’s episode til tonight. Also, a few comments from last week’s episode informed me that I made a few mistakes identifying the characters. I apologize, the show goes by so fast that sometimes note taking gets a bit rushed. Now, back to the show. But before we go on, can I just point out how much I love the opening credits sequence and song? Its spectacular and reminds me of 4th grade. Ok, let’s carry on.

In case you didn’t catch it, this week was a bottle episode. The biggest complaint I’ve had about Abed and his meta humor is that a lot of the time, it seems like he’s just talking to no one. Meta humor is a lot funnier when there is a back and forth between a couple characters, like Jeff and Abed. In general, I really liked Abed’s storyline tonight. It really explored his character traits of being uncomfortable in social situations well. I’m actually a little surprised that he didn’t sulk in the corner like he said he would, seeing as how it seemed to be the next logical step for him.

On the flip side, I didn’t feel like Pierce’s character was very well written for this episode. I realize that the writers probably had a lot on their plate, but he was just underdeveloped. Maybe that was me.

I realize that I’ve just spent the entire few paragraphs without talking about the central plot point of Annie losing her pen. Its pretty impressive how loud she got. Plus it’s a great thing to see how the show can make a minor plot point into an entire episode. Think of all the shows that you know that can take a missing pen and make a compelling episode out of it. That’s a pretty small list. Also, every time I see the monkey, I just picture breasts. That’s totally cool right? Anyone?

Britta and Shirley did a fantastic job bickering. Plus, how priceless was the expression on Troy’s face when he realized what happened on Halloween? Can you imagine Chang and Shirley having a baby? Speaking of Chang, nowhere to be seen, while the Dean made a welcome reappearance. I just love the dean. Everything from his baldness to his weird sexuality that is never really explained to the way he talks with his hands.

Overall, it was a fantastic episode. Totally character-driven (probably mandated by NBC, seeing as how they’ve been eating money recently.) Well paced, nudity that was fit for both genders (where can I order flat abs?) and a fantastic resolution. What did you guys think?

Lines that made me giggle:

  • Troy: I want to see if those wiener dogs are born that way or if they start off normal and then get wiener.
  • Annie: Accidents don’t just happen over and over and over again, this isn’t budget daycare.
  • Annie: Last week, she invoked the Freedom of Information Act to request photocopies of my notes
  • Jeff: Tell your disappointment to suck it, I’m doing a bottle episode.
  • Troy: Smells like a Waffle House sink.
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