Gemineye – Penny for Your Thoughts

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Def Poetry was a series on HBO where urban poets, hip hop, and spoken word artists would perform their pieces on stage in front of a small audience. It was filmed in NYC and hosted by Mos Def (is that not perfect?). Russell Simmons is credited with the creation of the show.

I loved this show for the few years I had HBO in college. I’m a huge fan of performance poetry of all kinds (I’m a proud subscriber to Indiefeed Performance Poetry Podcast) and I think it’s an under appreciated medium. This show in particular captured the romance, rawness, emotion, and lyricism that makes these performances so enjoyable as an art form.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting individual performances of poems from a variety of artists. Some you’ll have heard of, most you won’t. Men and women, from all races and cultures. Watch the videos a few times, take in the poems. It’s really great stuff. I’ll include a transcript of the poem whenever possible.

Gemineye – Penny for Your Thoughts

If you saw this guy at Sam’s Club you wouldn’t think he was a sensitive, romantic poet. Gemineye shows a real lyrical talent here, it’s almost too fast too keep up with. It works on a subconscious level though, because when you read the words you see how illustrative and sexy the vocabulary he uses is. Here’s the poem in its entirety:

“Penny For Your Thoughts” – Gemineye
Can I offer you a penny for your thoughts?
As a matter of fact, how about three?
One penny for you, one penny for me,
And one penny for our minds engaged not so sexually.
Getting intimately closer as we approach the
Climatic altitude of nude, mental, sensational… conversation.

Because I’m trying to get to know everything about you
From the neck… UP.

So these are not your typical, sexual, poetical prose.
I’m trying to close the door on that all too firmiliar freaky foreplay game.
With which most guys have chose to approach you.
While they are trying to get deeply inbedded
In the fine fibers of your bedsheets,
I’m trying to find and define the fibers of which your mind speaks.
I want to engage you
By putting a two karat solitaire diamond ON YOUR MIND
Marrying your every thought!

I want to lick every inch of every crevasse
So I can get an oral fix from each oriface
And taste you passionate IMAGINATION.

I’d rather be naked and exposed, holding you
As we’re lying and you’re crying
While confiding and describing the tough times you’ve had in life
And how you don’t know
If you can keep a relationshop long enough to be somebody’s wife.

I wanna feel the heartbeat of all your inner rhythms
As they lead me toward your warm, wet, waterfalls of feminine thoughts.
…And I’ll swin in them.
From backstroaks, to breaststrokes,
I’m penetrating every entrance… to your mind.
Taking my time to find out everything about you.

Did I ever tell you about how you
Fell asleep in my presence?
And your mere essance
Kept me awake for hours
As I cowered with this feeling
Of sexually unadulterated mental connection?

And as you lay by my side
I pushed the blinds aside
And took the time in the moonlight of that night
To count 72 eyelashes
On the upper eyelid of your right eye!
Because when you sleep
Your eyes remain open slightly.

And while we probably moves in too quickly into some sexual shit
I’ve always cared more about the expilicity illicitness
That came from between you lips.. meaning your voice.

So now I am standing here
Ready to trade in all the sexual acts that we’ve preformed
For the chance to reform the very foundation
And the basis of our relationship.

So I reiterate my opening statement
And I offer you another penny for your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I’m not taking credit for this poem, rather, I’m trying to, in my own small way, add more visibility for the poets and spoken word artists I’ve seen that I feel are amazing talents worthy of worldwide fame and fortune. If, for whatever reason, this page makes it to the artist, first I’d like to say “awesome, what’s up? you rock!”. Then, if you would rather I didn’t have your work on my site, email me and I’ll gladly remove it.

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  • Jasmine said:

    This poem is realy deep.I love the flow and the words he put together in this poem. Good work [email protected]!!-BoO

    • Abe said:

      This is by far one of the best poems Ive ever heard. Its on my favorites list

      • Reynaldo said:

        Thanks for posting I’ve been looking for the words for this poem for a while. I like his other poem “What Are Your Fighting For?” Dude is sick with the pen

        • Greg said:

          Thank you for posting the lyrics to this poem i was looking for it for quite sometime now. I really like the way he used his words, the whole poem was real deep.

          • LaTerry said:

            This poem helps me more than anyone could ever know it gives me hope that there are still men in this world that would HONESTLY what to get to know a woman from the inside out……… starting with her mind,her thoughts and her heart!!!! I LOVE THIS POEM!!!!!! THANKS FOR POSTING IT!!!!!!!!! AND ALSO YOUR GREAT!!

            • DOMINIQUE said:

              I was blown away when I seen his performance on this piece. It was soo captivating to me.. I loved that he wanted to know her beauty inside then out and was moved by her that he was willing to pay for it.. THE ISH!!

              • Dominica said:

                Penny for your Thoughts, I remembered watching this episode on HBO, this is an insanely GREAT poem.

                • Kaysee-Marie* said:

                  This is a great poem. My Favorite line is “I Want To Engage You By Putting A Two Karat Solitaire Diamond On Your Mind, Marrying Your Every Thought !” I also love “What Are You Fighting For?” He’s one of the best poets (in MY opinion) Thank you soo much for posting the lyrics.