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First Time Here?

Welcome to AllMyLiesAreWishes or AMLAW for short. Within this site you will find discussion on a variety of topics from TV and music to technology and culture.

AMLAW was created with community in mind which means we care about our readers around here. We’re willing to bet that you’ll find something you like in the categories or archive. If not, let us know. After all, it’s our readers who decide what we write about here.

So there’s a lot to do here, where should you start? Take a look through the featured posts, that’s a good start. You can also check out the side bar to see what people are talking about right now. You can also search for whatever you’re into, I bet we’ve talked about it at one point or another. Or read more about AMLAW and see how this odd group of people got together.

Got a passion that goes beyond consumption? A smart man once said “if all your friends tell you to shut up about something, you should probably start a blog”. Around here we think passion should be rewarded and starting your own blog can be tricky. Contact the editor to see about becoming a staff writer for AMLAW where you’ve got a built in audience of the very best people on the Internet ready to chat about whatever you’re into.

Hoping you enjoy your stay,

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