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AMLAW has been around since 2007, though you wouldn’t have recognized it. Beginning as a personal blog AMLAW was a good toe-dip into the world of self-publishing for me. As much fun as I had writing for a few years (some posts are still in the archive, anything from the 2007-2010 era) AMLAW wasn’t focused and didn’t take off.

Then I started another blog that was a little more specific. Have You Met Ted? – The How I Met Your Mother Blog was born and quickly gained popularity. I was so overwhelmed by the community that developed there that he wanted to expand it, and here was AMLAW, in need of some love.

Curious about the name? You wouldn’t be the first. Read more about the name and history of AMLAW and all your questions will be answered.

Since the birth of AMLAW came from the community’s passion, this blog works a little bit differently than you might have seen before. Usually, the blog post content is the focus and the comments are an afterthought. AMLAW is, in many ways, more like a forum. Sometimes the main blog post is short, and serves only as a placeholder to get discussion started. The real meat is in the comments and it’s recommended you read through the discussion on those topics that interest you. The community here is top-notch and you might just make some new friends.

Some community members stand out more than others. Those who have a lot to say, or an interesting perspective, or a real passion for a topic often make the transition from community member to staff writer. If you have a passion, the kind of thing your friends keep telling you to shut up about, you might consider becoming a staff writer. There’s no minimums and no pressure, we just want to offer a venue for anyone who’s passionate about a topic.

The AllMyLiesAreWishes logo was generously donated by Frank Piacitelli, who’s good at designing such things.

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