Chuck Versus Phase Three Review

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Another review so soon?  I guess that’s what happens you don’t space things out evenly!

The show is called Chuck, but for the first half of this episode, it should have been called Sarah.  It was totally her show last night.  Chuck only showed up briefly in the opening having a bizarre, but hilarious, dream involving Sarah and Lester.  It was great hearing the two of them using the shows term of “flashing” so sexually.

Sarah was kind of all over the place last night.  In a good way.  She showed off some sides of her that we don’t get to see that often.  I was getting chills the way she described the method of torture she was going to use on the only lead to finding Chuck.  She was acting dangerously crazy in her search.  Don’t get in Sarah’s way of her man!

To counter the crazy, there was really touching scene between Morgan and Sarah.  They both care a lot for Chuck.  Morgan we’ve known how he feels for a long time, but Sarah hasn’t been this vulnerable before.  She’s a mess without Chuck.  Extremely messy.

Then things got weird.

I didn’t understand why they had to have Sarah participate is some Taiwanese kickboxing match to find Chuck.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Sarah kicking butt, and it had some good moments.  Specifically her being referred to as “The Giant Blonde She-Male,” and the nice bit where she drenched herself in water.  Classy move NBC, using sex appeal on us men.  Overall though, it felt like a bump in an otherwise smooth episode.

And then Chuck returns in the second half!  Seems like the Belgian, from the previous episode, is using Chuck’s subconscious to try and get him to access the dormant Intersect.  I must say, the show really tricked me with this bit.  I actually believed that Chuck “magically” woke up alone in the lab and was able to escape.  Thank goodness it was all just a dream and things weren’t going to be that easy.

Not wanting to get too deep and spoil how things go down because there’s some good emotional stuff near the end, so I’ll skip over it.  What’s Chuck going to do now?  No Intersect, but still Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

ing to be an agent?  I’m very intrigued by the direction the show is going.

OH! I almost left out Ellie and Awesome!  They’ve found a computer left by Stephen Bartowski and require the help of Jeff and Lester to figure out how it works.  With those two weirdos involved, you can just assume that good things happen.  Cue cliffhanger and stay tuned for next week’s Chuck!

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