Big Bang Theory: Mediocre, Save for Kaley Cuoco

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I just watched the pilot of The Big Bang Theory on CBS. It was about what I expected. Not great, but I laughed a couple times. Bonus: turns out the main character was Rusty in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. That’s street cred you can’t buy.

The one great thing, other than the credits which pleasantly surprised me, was Kaley Cuoco (pictures follow). She’s a little young (not really, but three years younger than me, and she looks it.) She’s cute though, in a way that works for the part. She’s just a nice, friendly screenwriter who works at Cheesecake Factory. Keep reading for some Kaley Cuoco photographs.

Kelly Cuoco bio:

Kaley Cuoco has been in the television industry for most of her life as she appeared on screen when she was merely eight months old. She had continued to attend countless auditions in hopes of getting a steady role throughout her life and she even started modeling when she was six years old. She managed to get her first major movie role in the 1995 in the film Virtuosity Kaley Cuoco continues to appear in various movies and television shows, recently getting into the series Charmed and 8 Simple Rules, she also recently began working in the voice acting field and she continues to attempt to further her tennis skills.

Kelly Cuoco pictures:


Does this post seem odd? Not my usual style? Well, you’d be right. I’m doing a little search engine experiment. Actually, this is my second. I’ll explain later. If you aren’t into pictures of young celebrities, I won’t be hurt if you disregard this post. If you liked this and want to know more about young Ms. Cuoco, check out her fan site where they give her the credit she deserves.

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