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'The Nocket Files' Archive

I have friends I like to talk to. These are samples of conversations, usually out of context, that might be of interest to people who weren’t there to hear it the first time.

The Nocket Files: Vol. II

A conversation I had today with one Dan Nocket (via email)

“I feel like Mcgyver. I managed to repair a pair of ripped jeans with some fabric scraps from an old shirt and epoxy.”
“…says the guy who tolls the Kraft site looking for recipes.”
“That was the first result to a google search. Eat a bag of dicks†!”
“What the heck did you search for? ‘I’m gay and I want to bake something for my office’?”
“I was looking for it specifically so I searched for ‘ghosts in the graveyard’ Incidentally, your search yields no results. For now.”

Not any more I guess…

† Phrase gleefully lifted from NLO

Volume One


The Nocket Files: Vol. I

A conversation I had today with one Dan Nocket (via email)

“I forgot to mention the auditory travesty last Tuesday. So we’re sitting inside the bar listening to the Tuesday mix; think bad techno (Fridays, where there are $1 drinks, has an awesome rock mix). We’re enduring most of the stuff when the Pirates of the Caribbean theme dance mix comes on. I’ve never wanted to hurt a DJ so much.”
“That’s pretty lame. In other news, I got shit-faced last night. Woo-hoo!”
“You had better not been alone.”

Is this really what my friends think of me? Dang yo…


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