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About AllMyLiesAreWishes and Justin Dickinson

Photo of Justin

What’s this site?

AllMyLiesAreWishes is Justin Dickinson. I’m a web designer, writer, millennial, and foodie who lives in Brooklyn and works for FiLife. I’m on Twitter and I have a Tumblr which I update often with more personal, day-to-day details so friend me up and say hi, meeting new people is the best part about the web!

On this blog you’ll find writings on all the things I’m into: design, web development, Internet culture, social commentary, manners, the workplace, and more. Just don’t look in the archives, I’m not responsible for what you might find there.

What does AllMyLiesAreWishes mean?

First, it’s All My LIES Are WISHES, not the other way around. The name is from ‘Ashes of American Flags’ by Wilco from the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. At the time I was starting the blog, I wanted a name that was good and angsty.

My bio (long version)

I was born in California but moved back to Massachusetts when I was still a wee lad. I grew up in a tiny place called Berkshire County before going away to college at RIT to study New Media Information technology. From there I freelanced for awhile, helped get a startup off the ground, and worked at the coolest agency in the world. Now I work for FiLife, which is a join venture between IAC and Dow Jones. I have the pleasure of coming to work in this building every morning. The majority of my free time is spent eating out, exploring the city, working on interactive projects, meeting people online, watching TV, teaching myself how to cook, writing, attempting to read everything on the Internet, and running my other blog.

I like Apple products, coffee, sarcasm, scotch, minute details, anticipation, bunnies, Spanish food, asymmetry, good grammar, the color brown, Asian food, history, photography, podcasts, cigars, large vocabularies, faith in the supernatural, social networks, Rockstar energy drink, unrequited love, the arrogance of hip-hop, names, ginger, lists, Cape Ann MA, symbolism, black labs, silhouettes of trees, illustrations of birds, a good metaphor, efficiency, lilacs, diet soda, and high thread count sheets.

Drop me a line or leave a comment on a blog post.

jmdickinson [at] gmail [dot] com

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Did you know?

The images at the top-right of the page are from a cycle of about fifty photos I’ve taken of my friends, family, and activities from the past few years. They’re randomized each time the page loads. If you see one you like and want to see it again, note the number in the file name. If you add that number to the URL as a query string ?ss=#, the page will have that image on it. For instance:

  • #1 This is my dog Luke.
  • #2 Luke again. He rocks.
  • #4 My buddy’s dog, Berg.
  • #6 My brother and Luke.
  • #11 My gram and my mom.
  • #12 A girl and a muffler in OBX.
  • #36 A cool fireplace design.

Clicking on the image will bring you to this page which describes each image in more detail.

Random Photo


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