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The Deal with My Blog

So in the years this blog has existed it’s been a number of things. All of them inspired, none of them that well executed. To be honest, if I didn’t like the design so much, I’d probably take the whole thing down right now. But I do like the design, so up the blog shall stay. It’s not that I don’t want to write, or even that I don’t have anything to write about. It’s just that I’m changing and growing up and so is the web. People don’t want a personal blog shoved on them. Blogs should be focused, so that they may be sought out. So here’s the plan:

For now, I will create a single portal page that will serve as my “homepage” on the web: basic, with links to all the places I can be found and things I’m working on. From there I’ll link here, since I’m sure I’ll still write occasional gems of wisdom and who knows, might even become more prolific (there I go getting inspired again.) In a perfect world I’d run my blog the way Jason Santa Maria (who lives in Brooklyn. Who knew?) runs his, art directing everything. But then I’d have to change the design. And actually do more designs all the time. That’s a little ambitious, even for me. At least right now. Mostly I’m just loving what he’s doing and find myself jealous as fuck that I can’t/am not doing the same.

Why don’t I use this blog to link to everything? Because I don’t expect everyone who looks for me on the web to care about anything I have to say here. It seems presumptuous all of a sudden. People will most likely be looking for me to a) hire me b) see what I’m all about or c) check out what I’ve been working on lately. For those who want to read what I write about here, subscription’s on the sidebar.

I’m going to keep the Tumblr going because I really like it and think it’s a great service. This will be another link from my portal page. That way the people who want to see all the weird shit I look at online can do so and those that don’t care aren’t deluged with it.

I’ll have a portfolio linked off my personal domain. That way I can showcase my work outside the blog and can channel traffic to that directly when I’m looking for a job or whatever.

Rounding out the list will be links to any projects I’m currently a part of (I’ve got a few things cooking) as well as links to all the social networks in which I participate.

It’s really Twitter that’s done this to me. I can better share my feelings 140 characters at a time than in random blog posts now and then.

I feel good about this change. Let’s see how it goes.

Justin Dickinson



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  1. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Cool site, love the info.

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