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About the photos on this site.

Here’s some detail on all the images featured on this site. Chances are you came here from the ‘About’ page, or by clicking the photo from somewhere else on the site. Cheers, and enjoy the photos.

  • This is my dog Luke. He lives in Massachusetts with my mom and brother. He’s the smartest dog I’ve ever seen. He has about the same comprehension of the English language as, say, a drunk liberal arts student. That’s saying something for a dog!

  • Luke again. See #1

  • My buddy Seth’s sister’s dog, Berg. I usually can’t stand little dogs but he was chill and not at all annoying.

  • Berg again. Why do little dogs always look scared?

  • This is Zeus. He’s huge.

  • My brother with our dog, Luke, circa Christmas 2006

  • My buddy Pete and his daughter Julia at Halloween.

  • The whole crew from Crossroads, the on-campus cafe where I used to work. That handsome gent in the front-right is Charles, the guy who taught me everything I know about cooking and so much else.

  • Halloween at Martino Flynn, 2006.

  • My brother Tom stoking the fire at Christmas 2006. It kind of looks like he’s taking a leak. He isn’t.

  • My gram and my mom.

  • A girl and a muffler on our porch in Outer Banks, NC. There’s a good story behind this. I’ll have to write it eventually.

  • This is a girl in a Lucha Libre mask. Totally normal.

  • My buddy Rex at Don Cisso’s, the best cigar cafe in Rochester.

  • Drew and a sunflower. What else can I say?

  • We had eaten dinner at a castle (see next photo) where there happened to be a wedding. This was my "artsy" shot that I think looks really lonely. That’s Drew and Lindsey in the background.

  • Drew outside the Belhurst(?) castle in the Finger Lakes.

  • “Photoshop this” said Drew at Dunkin Donuts that morning.

  • Schkoda at the RIT 2007 graduation. He’ll get a cap and gown one of these days.

  • Let’s pretend to hyjack an all-terrain golf cart. Just for funsies.

  • Another "artsy" shot. Taken at Cibone on Park Ave in Rochester.

  • Scott loves cheese puffs.

  • Reminds you of an American Apparrel ad doesn’t it?

  • Don Cisso himself. Owner and proprietor of the best cigar cafe in Rochester.

  • Outside Java’s in downtown Rochester during the 2006 Jazz Festival.

  • The celing light at Mex on Alexander St.

  • A painting from Mex on Alexander St.

  • Another painting from Mex. Lucha Libres are cool.

  • This sign was on the door leading to the parking garage at the Hilton in Toronto. I guess it wants an answer?

  • Black and blue. Guinness floated on top of Blue Moon. Very good.

  • Some fruity drink. Blue Room = blue drink I guess.

  • Empty muffin wrapper at Dunkin.

  • Lilacs at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, 2007

  • Lilacs at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, 2007

  • Belhurst Castle(?). Cool place, decent food.

  • This was the pattern above the fireplace at the Belhurst Castle. There was a suit of armor next to the fireplace as well. Very Scooby Doo.

  • This dude was in the garden outside the Belhurst Castle.

  • A sunflower. Duh.

  • Winter at RIT.

  • Winter at RIT.

  • Winter at RIT.

  • Me on the beach in OBX. See me? I’m real small.

  • The beach outside our house in OBX.

  • Testing out "fireworks" mode on my camera. Sparklers are fun.

  • A lawn full of sparkler wavers.

  • We never got any letters to show up, but a figure eight is cool.

  • Remember when a sparkler was the coolest thing in the world?

  • More fun with sparklers.

  • Feet. I think this was me, Dovla, and maybe Paul from crossroads at RIT.

  • Pete as a deviled egg. Get it?

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