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A Conversation About Design


This is great. I wish I’d had this video to refer people to when they ask me what being a designer means. That it’s more than graphic design or industrial design. You don’t need a beret or a drafting table; a compass or a set of paint brushes. It’s just telling a story. Also, this is an important video to refer to those egotistical designers, the ones who think people need to learn to use their work. The truth is, designers are artisans rather than artists, we build tools that people use, not things that hang on museum walls. Watch this five times then send it to all your friends.

via Pan-Dan.

Update: I grabbed the FLV and wrapped it in a new video player that allows full screen since it’s a tiny file. I hope it doesn’t upset the people at Moooi. I’ll take it down if it does. It’s 22mb so give it time to load. I suggest visiting the Moooi site unless you really want full screen.

Justin Dickinson



4 Responses to “A Conversation About Design”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    This is so great and so simple and so so true. Makes me wish I was British!

  2. Justin Says:

    British people were born to narrate.

  3. Drew Streett Says:

    wow this video is really cool - i like it. I like the tone, the thought and the animation. I also like the idea that designers just communicate their creativity and if someone doesnt like it or understand it, then thats ok…if the product you made fails…thats ok. But the point is that you shouldnt just make a product because you can - you should make it because it helps and makes steps in a direction. Preferably a direction that doesnt create more waste in the environment around us. I have more on this…I’ll get it soon.

  4. Seton Says:

    Hi, My name is Seton, I made the animation as part of my graduation from school.
    I just wanted to drop in (a year late i notice) and say still that it is really nice to see these comments, and feel like there are people who understand where i am coming from. Thanks so much for your support and kind words.
    PS really enjoying the rest of the blog ;) Great work!

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