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Have YOU Met Ted?


This won’t be news to most people who know me personally since I’ve been demanding people participate for the past couple months. That being said, I’m proud to announce my newest project: Have You Met Ted: The How I Met Your Mother Blog. I launched this site in the beginning of September and have been working on it ever since. I am a huge fan of the show so writing for the blog (all of which is currently done by me) has been easy. The site is an original design based on a preexisting WordPress template (I feel it’s been modified enough so as to no longer resemble the original).

The current stats for the blog are not too shabby:

  • To date there are 45 posts and 60 comments. That’s a good ratio.
  • I’ve gotten almost 2K visits with over 4.5K page views.
  • The average time on the site is 3 minutes with a 50% bounce rate.
  • A Google search for have you met ted returns the blog as the third result
  • The site shows up at the top of page 4 for the Google search how i met your mother blog
  • A nice little fledgling community of commenters and fellow bloggers has been built which makes me look forward to writing new posts and checking the comments each day.

All in all, I’m quite happy with my progress so far. The site is less than 60 days old and it’s moving along at a pace that I had hoped for but not actually expected.

I’ll be introducing a new weekly feature on Thursday that I think is an original idea–at least I’ve never seen it on a TV blog before–and better yet, I think it’ll be very popular and quite amusing.

If you like the show, if you think you might like the show, or if you like Century, go check it out and leave a comment. I’d appreciate it.

  • You can visit the blog’s main page.
  • First time visitors should go here.
  • Music from the show? Yeah, we’ve got that.
  • This week’s episode discussion. Join in!
  • If you’re reading this after Thurs Oct 25 you can check out the new weekly feature I was mentioning.

– JD aka:

Justin Dickinson



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