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The "Millennials” Are Coming

My boy Ryan Healy was on 60 Minutes tonight. First off, congratulations. Second, what’s with the expose being alarmingly snarky and negative toward our generation? I blame jealousy and a nostalgic “when I was your age” sense that Gen X and the boomers seem to have toward us. “Oh no, they want praise, they’re confident in themselves, they won’t devout countless hours to a company”. Exactly we won’t. Way to alienate your young viewers 60 minutes.

Any press is good press though, especially for Ryan and his site, Employee Evolution. Congrats to him on sticking up for a generation.

Watch as “Morley Safer reports on the new generation of “millennials.” They are in their late teens to early twenties and could be ill prepared for a demanding workplace.”

via CBSnews.




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One Response to “The "Millennials” Are Coming”

  1. Ryan Healy Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I think 60 Minutes made a big mistake with the way they framed the whole thing.

    As if the show didn’t have enough problem attracting people our age, now they go and tell those of us who do watch it how terrible we are! Oh well, at least people are listening now.


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