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TV Commercial Music: Apple Macbook Air Song

Macbook Air

The new Apple Macbook Air is an amazing device, no doubt. As soon as it was announced yesterday you were sure that Apple would release a commercial for it with some awesome song by a sexy-sounding female singer ala their iPod Nano ad. Well the future is now, and the commercial is out.

What’s this song you ask? It’s by an artist named Yael Naim. There’s an umlaut over the “i” in “Naim” too, in case you’re into that sort of thing. The song is called “New Soul” and is from the artist’s self-titled album. I love the song and from what I’ve heard of the rest of her album, I love all this artist’s tracks. Check them out for yourself.

  • Preview and buy Yael Naim songs from the iTunes store.
  • visit the artist’s website.

If you want to hear the entire song used in the Macbook Air commercial, check out the video:

I might have to add Yael Naim to my recent mix tape of female singer/songwriters. Before we know it she’ll be in an Old Navy commercial.

Lyrics, for those of you who are into that type of thing:

I’m a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take.
But since I came here
Felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake


I’m a young soul in this very strange world hoping I could learn a bit about what is true and fake.
But why all this hate?
Try to communicate.
Finding trust and love is not always easy to make.


This is a happy end cause’ you don’t understand everything you have done why’s everything so wrong

This is a happy end come and give me your hand I’ll take your far away.

I’m a new soul I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take
But since I came here fellt the joy and the fear finding myself making every possible mistake



Enjoy. If there are other commercials you’d like to know the music to, leave me a comment. Be sure to subscribe as well since I try to post up info on great TV commercial music as I come across ones that catch my ear.

Justin Dickinson



27 Responses to “TV Commercial Music: Apple Macbook Air Song”

  1. anna Says:

    thanks so much! that was an easy google :)

  2. Roxy Says:

    Thank you so much for listing Yael Naim as the artist. I’ve been trying to find that song everywhere, and you helped completely.

  3. ALK Says:

    What about the commercials featuring a woman with a screenname Kunandi?

  4. Sir Dave Says:

    VERY helpful post.
    Ive been looking for her everywhere, much props.

  5. vt Says:

    Thanx a bunch! Wicked catchy…You made it easy to google up.

  6. Kim Says:

    Thanks! I love love love that song and am now listening to Paris on you site. Awesome! Thanks again : )

  7. Kat Says:

    Thanks so much for posting all this info! You are very helpful!

  8. erica Says:

    Thanks- that was so easy to find.

  9. bob the builder Says:

    THIS SONG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!the laptop is ight too but the SONG IS THE SHIZZZ NIZZZ AND THE BEEZ NEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bob the builder Says:

    IT WAS VERY EASY I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!! I FOUND IT NOW I CAN BUY IT (u need 2 no the title of a song if u want 2 buy what i learned ….hehehe) (p.s. this is about the song not the laptop :)

  11. bob the builder Says:


  12. bob the builder Says:

    p.s. sry i can’t put my real name u ppl could be stalkers :( :) but thanks 4 the song

  13. Liz Says:

    I LOVE this song! do you know if you can it as a ringtone?
    thanks for posting this blog!

  14. bob the builder Says:

    hey liz yeah u can get it as a ringtone b/c i have it :):):) hehehe and btw its the #2 song on itunes

  15. bob the builder Says:

    :) :) :)

  16. bob the builder Says:

    :) :) :)
    the best song everrrr

  17. Marilyn Hollis Says:

    This is such a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The video of her moving into the apartment is great on Youtube with New Soul as the background!!!!

  18. Trina Says:

    Thanks so much for telling us!! I’ve been searching in Google…and I came upon this so thanks! Nice site by the way.

  19. Robyn Says:

    found you looking for the song in the commercial too.
    Thanks for posting the words.
    Gonna check out the album.
    Now I am gonna go and check out your blog!

  20. kel Says:

    how about the ford focus commercial i love the song but dont know the name

  21. StaRoxy Says:

    I love the song and the advertisment! My parents bought me a Macbook Air as a birthday present and I’me really happy now)
    By the way, the videos for the song for those who are interested:

  22. vro Says:

    thanks for the information, i couldn’t remember the name of the singer, just remembered the song was used for the mac laptop commercial (which i hadn’t seen either), it’s such a nice song… thanks for the videos! :o)

  23. Qldcnjpx Says:


  24. Mac idol Says:

    Interesting post, would you mind expanding on the topic a bit more in the future?

  25. Free Gadget Says:

    I like this, think I need to set up my own blog sometime.

  26. Free Gadget Says:

    Thanks for the info… RSS feed added

  27. Scouffideadia Says:

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