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Top Chef: My Predictions for Season 4 - Pre Week 1

Here’s how I think it’ll go:


Week 1: Nikki

Week 2: Valerie

Week 3: Zoi

Week 4: Nimma

These first few weeks will just skim off the weak.

Week 5: Mark

Mikey, he might be, but I don’t think he has the focus to continue much further.

Week 6: Jennifer

There’ll be a curve-ball challenge where her lack of fundamentals will be her downfall.

Week 7: Antonia

The pressure will be too much for her. That or she’ll offer to make a dessert and get shit-canned.

Week 8: Erik

Likewise with the pressure. I have a feeling he’ll have been on the edge for awhile and maybe some part of a team work challenge will do him in when the others throw him under the bus.

Week 9: Stephanie

I think she’s going to pull a Leah and be too timid and fail to take risks. It’s a shame because she seems promising. This is usually around when Restaurant Wars occurs, always a shake-up for the show and a turning point where whomever’s left standing has “made it”.

Week 10: Richard

On the other end of the spectrum, I think Richard will try something crazy and it will fail. There’s a good chance he’ll have been doing crazy stuff the whole time, but this one will do him in.

Week 11: Spike

I’m sure he’ll be well liked by the others but I think he’s a little green and his naivety will cost him.

Week 12: Dale

At this point I’m sure he’ll be The Villain of the show. Over confidence with a guest judge who is not easily impressed will do him in.

Week 13: Ryan

A strong contender throughout, at this point there will be a coup d’etat when Bravo’s female viewers organize and march against the network for kicking off their eye candy.

Final three: Manuel, Andrew, Lisa

These three will be the clear leaders throughout the show.

Winner: Manuel

I can’t see how anyone else can win. He’s got the best shot from what I can see right now.

This is all speculation and I’ll update my thoughts as the season progresses. Stay tuned!

Justin Dickinson



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