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January 28th, 2008 Archive


There’s something else in the box

 Box in a Box

Way back when, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake created an Internet phenomenon with their Dick in a Box song. If you’ve been in a cave, or want a refresher, check it out here. There’s been a lot of imitators and posers, most of them exactly as bad as you’d expect. “Step 1…cut a hole in the box” was the “I’m Rick James bitch” of 2007. That is until now. Leah Kauffman has created a parody (of a parody) that is almost as good as the original. She’s affiliated with, which I know nothing about. Her video “My Box in a Box” is inspired. Check it out:

Leah is hot in a waspy, Dave Matthews concert way, and obviously funny. She does have a case of the crazy eyes though. This video is great, I hope there’s more of her out there.


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