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Boys may blog but real mean cook


I’m having a moment. The kind of moment that’s highlighted by a clarity so crystal clear it’s enough for one to believe that the rest of his or her life is visible on the horizon. The kind of clarity that only a half bottle of good Spanish red wine can bring.

I’m sure most people never knew I have a food blog. Sacre Bleu! allowed me to chronicle my food adventures and drop knowledge of a culinary sort. I put it on hiatus a few weeks ago to focus on work, more work, another blog (which I’ll announce here eventually), and my social life. Tonight, while reading some of the really awesome food blogs and following the amazing world that is the restaurant scene in NYC, I had a realization. I’m not a food blogger.

For the uninitiated, let me elaborate. Food blogs come in a few varieties. Some are written by people who cook a lot and share their experiences with their readers. I just don’t  have the time to do this regularly. Then there are the blogs like Deglazed which follow a man’s journey in a professional kitchen. Things are finally lining up for me in the Interactive world so that’d be a stupid move. That leaves the mean, judgmental blogsā€”and I just don’t have the snark to keep that up full time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love food. I’ll still go on and on about how every meal from every culture is essentially the same. I’ll still force my co-workers to try my successful (and failed) experiments. I’ll still (poorly) photograph my progress. I’ll still throw dinner parties (look at the pretty ladies!). I just won’t blog about it. That’s a lie. I’ll blog about it here, I just won’t run a separate blog dedicated to food.

Eventually, when the other initials in J-A-K and I open our restaurant, maybe I’ll take all my food posts and repurpose them to help promote the place but until then I’m a proud cook, and a prouder non-food blogger.

PS. I’ll be blogging about my first truly original recipe sometime this week. It’s called “Deconstructed Chicken Soup” and it’s going to be legendary.

PPS. I write alarmingly better after a bottle of wine. Hmm… If Langston Hughes was blazed when he told stories, maybe I should be wine-tipsy when I write my blogs. Too egotistic a comparison?

PPPS. Check out the rest of the Justin Bakes Biscuits on a Sunday photo essay.


Justin Dickinson



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