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A New Background for Autumn: The PumpKING


It’s true, I’ve jumped the shark. I’m making a ‘what’s my desktop background’ post. Oh well, I love the image I found and think that other people might too.

Yes, it is a great pumpkin (Charlie Brown) and it comes from the handsome genius behind Mandolux. I used to just click through the archives picture by picture but I found this page the other day that makes things much easier. This image is the left side of a diptych but I’ve just got the one big ‘ol Dell here so I make do. I love asymmetry anyway.

Go celebrate fall with your very own pumpkin background.

PS. The neologism in the title isn’t my high school nickname (I worked at a gas station, or did I?) but was an accidental typo that popped up as I was writing. I like it, so consider it coined. You read it here first.

PPS. I love autumn so much I made a big playlist in iTunes. If I’m motivated maybe I’ll post it later. It’s good.

Justin Dickinson



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