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Something Borrowed

As I’ve said before time and time again, I love HIMYM. Last night was the season finale and, to use the parlance of the show, it was AWESOME. Joel Keller at TVSquad wrote a wonderful review of the episode so I won’t rehash all the awesome details that made it so awesome save for the added personal awesomeness in the last scene when Barney and Ted were smoking cigars using the same lighter I use when I smoke with my friends.

Check this out though. After last night’s episode I re-watched ‘Something Borrowed’ (from last week). The set in the scene where Marshall shaves his head looked strangely familiar. I researched back and sure enough, it’s the same set they used for Barney’s tailor-in-the-back-of-a-pet-shop in the episode ‘Cupcake’. See for yourself:

Angle One:

Tailor Angle 2
Wedding Angle 2

Angle Two:

Tailor 1
Wedding Angle 1
Pretty cool. I’m sure this has happened before (I think the bathroom from Stuart and Claudia’s marriage is the same one from Van Smoot House last night) but this is the first time I noticed so drastically.

Justin Dickinson



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  1. Food friend Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find release dates for new Xbox360 games?

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