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Javert Stinson, Marshall val Jean

Holy shit. Just…holy shit. If you asked me to go in a room and not come out until I had thought up the most unexpectedly awesome thing involving two different medias I love that had absolutely nothing to do with each other this video would have been what I emerged with.

Seriously. I love Les Misérables. Anyone who disagrees can eat a bag of dicks because it is the most kick-ass-ist, glorious musical ever written by a man in this galaxy or any other. Not to mention one of the major characters is the prototype for the perfect girl. Seriously. If you saw it on Broadway and didn’t cry, you’re a damn cyborg. How good is it? Let me say this. I once found myself driving from Canada into the United States with Javier, a Dominican man I had just met a few days before. It was this song that bridged the language gap and brought us together. True story.

Bad typography choices aside, How I Met Your Mother is, without a doubt, the best sitcom on TV today with characters that feel organic and real. Add to its credits the triumphant rejuvenation of The Catch Phrase and a curiously sexy Canadian and you get the show that made me like television again.

These two things would never come together right?

Wrong. So roll over in your grave Victor Hugo and post-morten-five me because the awesomeness is here:

Justin Dickinson



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