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Ramble O’s: Blog Serial v1 e1

First resolution for the new year: write more. Second: use more images to enhance writing. Third: write more serial posts (you’ll see…muah-ha-ha).

If you’re a friend of mine—and let’s be honest you are the only people who read this bitch—you know I like to send a barrage of links on a daily basis. No more! Well, maybe if they’re topical to one or two of you and not of a general interest to The Capital G (my new slogan for my group of friends). Instead, I’ll reference them in a single post and send that link out. Efficient right? And archivally—twofer!

After 11 days of not reading any of my blogs, my RSS reader was off the hook. Check it:


Dang yo, that’s a lot of blogs to read. Additionally, check out what all those unread blogs look like, a window into where I get those dozens of links I send to everyone everyday.


So far, I’ve only read my comics since I’ve been trying to do actual work on my first day back. Dinosaur Comics literally would make me cry laughing back when I first discovered it. It had gotten stale for a while but a bunch of the recent ones were re-god-damn-diculosly funny. The best part for true fans is to check out the source code for the wacky titles and subs for each comic. There is the RSS feed title and the custom subject line of an email you write to the artist that changes with each comic. It’s worth it. Trust me. Where else would you get gems such as:

“if i ever write erotica, that warning is definitely how all my stories are ending, complete with the portrait of t-rex. just a ‘heads up’”
“ryan please start a new comic called ‘Mark-Paul Gosselaar is Bored and Experimenting’ i would read that SO HARD”
“all of dinosaur comics has been building to t-rex saying ‘forget you, zach morris!’ in panel two. FACT”

After that I was treated to a late Christmas present in the form of 12 days of Daily Monsters. Holy crap this site is awesome. I don’t even read the stories people write because I know I’d waste a ton of time I don’t have trying to write my own. It’s such a simple concept and the monsters always come out jaunty or precocious or just plain awesome.

Speaking of Awesome, check out the menu for the new seafood restaurant in Rochester. Now, don’t misread my opinion here, I’m in no way saying this restaurant is awesome. What I’m pointing out is the idiocy of any restaurant without crayons on the table using the word on their menu. WTF, mate. I’m getting tired of this pseudo-posh dining. Maybe because I had one of the best meals of my life at a restaurant called Snaps (or Oh Snaps! as I like to call it) on Long Island. I don’t know how they made that saffron vanilla sauce, but I won’t rest until I figure it out.

In closing, I’d like to point out that there is an empty beer bottle on my desk at work that I don’t remember drinking. Hmmm…

Also, this. Donald Faison’s eyes are funnier than most actor’s whole bodies.

Peace and love.

Justin Dickinson



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