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The Century of HIMYM

I love HIMYM. Love it. How much do I love it? I love it ALOT. Consider the facts.

OK, you get the idea. Now, I couldn't be more excited knowing there is over ten hours of unseen HIMYM just waiting to be watched over the next few weeks. I watched Monday night's episode about three times in a row. It was great. Except for one thing. I'll give you a clue, it is in the opening credits and rhythms with 'fug sans serif font'.

The second time I watched the episode I started ranting about the change. My friends there watching it with me, two of which are engineers and one of which is a dumbass, scolded me for being a font nerd. Whatever that is. I stayed quiet for the rest of the night but on Tuesday brought my gripe to work.

In the company and support of other font nerds I brought out the screen shots I'd taken the night before after all my friends left. I was elated to get some support. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's official— the new HIMYM logo sucks balls.

Old, awesome, Century Serif goodness:
Image of Title Credits from Season 1

New, stylized sans-serif, Microsoft/AT&T looking bullshit:
Image of Title Credits from Season 2

Who makes these decisions? One of the joys of the show are little details. Remember the episode The Pineapple Incident? The first time Ted calls Robin, Marshall says “Woah. Bad idea jeans”. Look that reference up, it's from an old SNL skit (which, incidentally, I think I heard someone reference on The Office last night, a show with an excellent logo, even though it is sans-serif. Coincidence? I think not.). But I digress. There are tons of these details throughout the series. One of my favorites was always the awesomely set Century logo. Too bad they ripped its heart out and I'll never see it again (except for the dozen or so times I re-watch last seasons episodes each week).

I'll leave the final decision to you because you're entitled to your opinion but know this: if you prefer the new logo, you have no taste, are wrong and are dead to me. Over the course of this week, having watched the show over and over, even my engineer friends agree: bring back the serifs to HIMYM.

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