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Bid’ness Cards

I remember from when I was in junior high a credit card commercial that had a young professional at his desk receiving his new cards. He immediately stuck the whole box under his nose and breathed in deeply. That commercial stuck with me. For years I dreamed of when I, too, would get that first box of business cards. That day was today. A whole box full of proof that I’m finally a real ‘Interactive Developer’. Let me tell you, they smell fucking awesome. I always thought the smelling part in the commercial was added for dramatic effect. That is a falsitude. The cards smell like paper, like elementary school, like that feeling of endless opportunity.I got some cards while I was at Blend a long time ago but that just wasn’t quite the same. Mostly because, at that early stage in the business, it took a lot more than business cards to make the place feel legit.

I was in a meeting when they got dropped off. I opened the box and caught a quick whiff. It was all I could do not to snuff the whole box like that commercial I’d seen way back when. I kept my shit together for the rest of the meeting then pulled out 85 or so and casually sniffed them. I don’t think anyone saw…

Justin Dickinson



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