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Grammar Snob Volume I

My favorite English teacher always told me “There’s no such thing as spoken grammar mistakes. The rules only apply to the written word” but I can’t help it–I’m a grammar snob. I know it’s a super dick move to correct someone (and I normally don’t right in the moment) but there are certain mistakes that stand out like sore thumbs. Plus, the easiest way to make a good impression is to speak eloquently and properly right? We owe it to ourselves to get it right!

Today, I start an occasional series discussing the few errors that really get to me. Most of these grammatic hot buttons come from my mother. I have memories of her instilling certain grammatical tendencies in me at an early age and continually throughout my life. One of those lessons came up today, concerning the colloquialism ‘Whole Nother’. As usual, mom said it best: “‘Nother’ is not a word. ‘Another’ is a word and ‘A whole other’ is a sentence”

Today at work, I attended a pitch meeting from an NYC based stock photo company. The girl had my attention, and I was listening intently to her pitch. I asked if they supplied stock video clips like Veer and she said “Well, we thought about it, but that’s a whole nother thing” I’m not saying she lost my business, merely that I no longer consider her a highly intelligent professional (a quality I award all people upon first meeting that often corrodes away over time). I glazed over for the rest of her presentation. I’m sorry, these things just vex me.

Justin Dickinson



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