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Friday Design Review:

I came across this site via Tumblr. It’s created by topherchris. I love the concept—one short news byte each day—almost as much as I love the minimalism. Helvetica Neue strikes again and as always, never fails to disappoint.

I think, if the design wanted to really be a type-gangster (and don’t we all?) that he could’ve stuck with the -1px letter-spacing used on the date for the title. That would’ve tightened things up and added just a little extra sexiness.

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Nifty Font Trick for Leopard Users


Hoefler & Frere-Jones posted a great tip for Leopard users. In case you didn’t realize, you can preview any file quickly by selecting it in the finder and hitting SPACE. This works for images, documents and, it seems, also for fonts. The coolest part of this trick is that if you select a family of fonts, you can view them all at once. There’s even a slick animation.

Shown above is Diavlo, a great, free typeface from Jos Buivenga. Check out his site, there’s quite a few great, free fonts available.


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