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When the weather outside is frightful…

Merry Christmas

Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You

Olivia Olson - All I Want for Christmas Is You

from Love Actually


Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations - The TV Special Comes to Life

Some people really go all out.

This is a good video, and it is a great Christmas special. I know I’ve been rocking out to this Charlie Brown Christmas Mashup for the last few weeks. Dig it!


To be male, to be a folk music fan, is to be ridiculed.

For the past few months I’ve thrown an album or two, per week, into my folder on my company’s shared network. I never knew if anyone was taking advantage of this until I put in Rachael Yamagata’s album. A whole bunch of people thanked me and said they loved it. Who knew, I don’t even think the album is that great, save for a couple songs. Since then I kept with the trend of female folky kinds of singer/songwriters. This was my most recent all staff email:


Keeping with my recent music trends I’ve put Feist – The Reminder in my shared folder. She’s Canadian and her song “One Two Three Four” is probably in your head right now—it’s the annoyingly catchy song used in the iPod Nano commercials. It’s a great album, if you’re into that type of thing. I have two of her older albums too if you’re interested (they aren’t in my shared right now.)

I figured this would be right up everyone’s alley. I love the album, the songs really are catchy. No good deed goes unpunished however since the only response I got was this:

On 9/24/07 9:46 AM, “Bennett, Chuck” <***> wrote:
Hey Justin. I was looking through your music collection and determined that you are missing something.
I placed it in your shared folder.

Color me intrigued. I go to check it out and find the folllowing:


Well played sir, well played.


Bloc Party song “So Here We Are” to be featured on Psych Season Finale


Bloc Party, one of my favorite bands and the group responsible for the amazingly appropriate ending song, “This Modern Love”, for How I Met Your Mother’s season one finale is being featured on the season finale of Psych tonight.

Used in a similar romantic context, the song “So Here We Are” will serve as the climax to an ongoing sub plot of sexual tension between two main characters (not Gus and Shawn, sorry ladies). Who it is I won’t say, but if you watch I’m sure you can guess.

I love that Bloc Party is starting to be used in TV shows. Their songs are a vivid mix of romance, sensitivity, and emotional resonance that sets the perfect tone for these scenes of unrequited love.

One of the band’s biggest strengths is their use of strong, dynamic percussion, which distinguishes them from other indie rock groups and, as drums are known to do, imbue the songs with a much deeper emotional effect. Read the rest of this entry »


Black Star - What’s Beef on Chappelle Show

Politically responsible hip hop? Yessir. I defy you to not like Mos Def.

So now I ask you, what’s beef? Bust a freestyle in the comments.


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