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'Foreign Ad Watch' Archive

Magazine ads, billboards, TV commercials — foreign ads are almost always more cutting edge, avante garde, and generally higher quality than those in America. Here are the best of what I’ve found. I’m always looking for more so drop me a line if you’ve seen one you recommend.

Foreign Ad Watch: Ceiling Tiles or Tragic Love Story?

This ad is from who knows where Thailand and it’s awesome. Two very Geico-esque geckos fall in love. Their affair is cut short when one takes a gruesome fall. Heartbreak and tragedy on a truly Shakespearian level ensues. Surprisingly sad and graphic, this spot is equally hilarious in how much the men sympathize. “Don’t jump!”


Foreign Ad Watch: Sprite Zero in Argentina

This is the hotness you get without mid-western focus groups. I’m not sure what the commercial means, but I know I like it.


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