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Friday Design Review:

I came across this site via Tumblr. It’s created by topherchris. I love the concept—one short news byte each day—almost as much as I love the minimalism. Helvetica Neue strikes again and as always, never fails to disappoint.

I think, if the design wanted to really be a type-gangster (and don’t we all?) that he could’ve stuck with the -1px letter-spacing used on the date for the title. That would’ve tightened things up and added just a little extra sexiness.

visit and follow:


And the Award Goes to…Mirror Show Management

I used to work at Martino Flynn. While there, besides having more fun than I ever thought possible at a job, I worked on a lot of web sites. One of those sites was for a company called Mirror Show Management. I was very pleased with the site, which was designed by my boy Scott Wolf. I created the Flash elements on the site and built the back-end custom content management system on which the site runs. All the hilarious and genius copy was written by the always cheery Duane and the videos were produced by the MF video guys.

The site has recently won RBJ’s Best of the Web award. I’m very happy for MSM and very proud to have been part of the team that created the site. Go check it out today, it’s really fun. I wish you could see the admin system as well since, in my humble opinion, it’s pretty bad ass.


How Do You Art Direct a Cow?


DJ Stout has redesigned the magazine Dairy Today that is launching this month. In addition to a bold new logotype, the magazine will feature a stylized “portrait” of a dairy cow on the cover of each issue in an effort to differentiate it from its competitors.

I think these new covers are beautiful. Maybe it’s because I grew up around them, but I’ve always found cows to have a pastoral beauty. If you’ve ever spent time with them, you’ll know they’re very peaceful, mellow animals.

via SwissMiss, and others.


Brendan Dawes: Play-Doh as Interface

I saw this at FitC last year and it’s still mindblowingly awesome.

Brendan has more annoyingly creative stuff on his blog like bouncing pixels for popular posts.


Balls on Your Desk

via Fresh Arrival

These magnetic balls are meant to hold business cards, pictures, or anything else on your desk that you’d like to display in a fresh-to-death way. They’re also good for hours of fun–pull them apart and watch them slam back together. How cool. Watch the following video to see just how cool it gets.

Visit site.


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