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June, 2008 Archive


Live the FiLife, a personal finance site for people who don’t like personal finance, had its public launch today. It’s already being written about as its status as a partnership between Dow Jones and IAC gives it a lot of visibility.

This is where all my time has gone over the past few months. We’ve all worked very hard to get the site up and running (it’s a small staff) and I’m quite proud of what we’ve accomplished.

So go check it out, sign up and take some stackers, rate your bank and credit cards, and ask some questions. I’d love to know what everyone thinks. If you’re shy and don’t want to send feedback directly through the site, feel free to drop me a note with your thoughts and I’ll make sure it goes where it needs to.

Now that it’s launched, maybe I’ll have more time to write. There’s a couple of site features I’m quite excited about and I’d like to feature them here.


Friday Design Review:

I came across this site via Tumblr. It’s created by topherchris. I love the concept—one short news byte each day—almost as much as I love the minimalism. Helvetica Neue strikes again and as always, never fails to disappoint.

I think, if the design wanted to really be a type-gangster (and don’t we all?) that he could’ve stuck with the -1px letter-spacing used on the date for the title. That would’ve tightened things up and added just a little extra sexiness.

visit and follow:


The thing you’ve been putting off takes less time than you think

I have a lot of ideas for new projects. I find that I only execute a small number of these ideas however. The past month that I haven’t blogged? It hasn’t been writer’s block. I have a lot of ideas for drafts, I just never write them.

I always think that I don’t have time to start something new. The idea of a brand new project, a clean slate, a blank canvas—it makes me think I need substantial time to dedicate to it at first. If I have a project already started, I can spend an hour on it and quit without worry. So what is it about starting something new that is so hard to get past?

I’ve found that things I thought would take a long time often resolve quite quickly. Then it’s done, out of my brain, I stop worrying, and my eye doesn’t start to twitch (a sure sign I’ve got too many ideas in limbo.)

This blog post is a perfect example. This is, in reality, a response to something ze Frank said today about self-motivation. That reminded me of the episode of The Show that I use for personal motivation. It was 6pm and I wanted to go home. “I don’t have time now,” I told myself, “I’ll write it later.” But my iPod was syncing and I thought “I’ll just start it.” Turns out I’m already done, and it didn’t take that long. One less idea in my head, waiting to be acted on.


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