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The newest motion picture project from J.J. Abrams is creating a lot of hype online. The trailer is now up on Apple and it’s ominous, vague, and awesome. Home video footage of a going away party captures what seems like an earthquake followed by a deep growl. The camera man goes to the roof with the rest of the crowd in time to witness a major explosion that rains down shrapnel across the NYC skyline. Once on the street, chaotic bedlam has set in. The trailer ends with the head of the Statue of Liberty rolling through the street after having been thrown through the sky.

The marketing behind this movie is what I find most interesting. The film has been produced in secret and didn’t have a real name until recently (before this only its codename was known: Cloverfield.) There is a web site that is frustratingly vague. There seems to be some crazy Internet connections being made across various (fake?) corporation sites and myspace pages as well. The discussions online seem to be centered around what the monster in the movie might be. Some say Godzilla but international licensing seems to suggest that to be false. Others are claiming Voltron which, to me, makes no sense at all. There’s a solid theory suggesting Lovecraft characters or at least allusions to them. Personally, I hope they never show the monster which would be much, much creepier.

This is classic Abrams. I love what this guy does with viral marketing. All this reminds me of The Lost Experience. He really relies on fans to figure out his secrets, leaving digital breadcrumbs for them to follow across many sites that don’t appear to be anything other than blogs, social network profiles, and corporate sites. Even with the information discovered so far, Abrams suggests that the best is yet to come.

I’m excited about this movie. That promo poster (above) is creepy as hell. It’s got some good actors in it, with a lot of unknowns. I noticed Lizzy Caplan in the trailer which got me all a twitter. She was great in Mean Girls and Freaks and Geeks but her standout performance as bitchy art-girl Kat Warbler on last year’s short lived sitcom The Class is what really sold me on her.

Justin Dickinson



4 Responses to “1-18-08”

  1. Michael Turek Says:

    freaks me out, but i know they wont show the monster, ….but i think monsters that are really really big are not relatable enough to be scared of….for example, the velocoraptors in jurassic park were much more scary then the t.rex - but ill see it

  2. Justin Says:

    Funny you should say that. I just read that the big monster in this movie won’t be shown, but that there are several “small, raptor-type monsters” that will pursue and endanger the main characters. Good call man.

  3. Elsie Says:

    I didn’t know about that movie — interesting. My guess was going to be Godzilla. I thought the reference to Rob heading for Japan (in the trailer) is foreshadowing, but who knows.

  4. Justin Says:

    Godzilla is a common suspicion. I guess there’s an issue with who owns the rights which rules it out as a possibility. The web’s been quiet on this topic for the past couple weeks.

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