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March, 2006 Archive


Changing Eras

If it’s true bad things come in triples, then good things must come in sextuplets.

Today was my first day at the magnificently mercurial Martino Flynn. First sign that your new employers are actually in the black: They have a cool inter-office phone system. Pick up, press 333, and I’m talking to Scott! It’s magic!

It’s actually fun to work in an office again. Working from home has its merits, but you can’t beat a spacious cube and a fun office full of new people to be shy around for weeks. Instant favorite feature: The kitchen has a drawer chuck-a-block full of Starbucks coffee, overflowing like a glorious buried treasure. Instant favorite feature #2: One of the coffee pots is labelled ‘High Test’. Bring it on.

On the way home I called my buddy Pete whom I haven’t spoken to in awhile (despite my continual promises that I’ll call him, damn I’m a bad casual acquaintance). Some people are just really good conversationalists (Is that a word? Yes, OK.) and Pete is one of them. Some people are always interrupting, or you end up interrupting them, or there are awkward silences, or the neuroticism sets in and you’re sure they don’t care about you or whatever you’re talking about, or they talk about things you don’t care about. Like a good cookie recipe, every conversation with Pete comes out perfect, with all the chips words in the right place.

Earlier in the week, I’d made tentative plans with Andrew and Kris to have dinner Saturday, and go out both Friday and Saturday nights. Considering I’ve gone almost a week without going to a bar, roller rink, gala event, or other social gathering (I’d be lying if I said I even got out of my pajamas the last few days) this is rock star behavior for your’s truly. I wasn’t sure it was all going down until Drew called to confirm. Then Matt called. He was going to MacGreggors to have a beer. Nowish. Oh snap, I’m heading out that-a-ways anyway to drop off an invoice for Blend and pick up a much needed check so I guess I’ll join him.

So, let’s recap. First day in the new office drinking gallons of coffee like I’m Montezuma and now I’ve got solid plans for the next two nights with not one, not two, but all three of the guys I always end up missing out on hanging with.

Let the fair weather today mark the shift: winter has cleared, both in Rochester and in my life, and I welcome the new spring growth.


As soon as I finished writing this, Kris called. He’s got a crew together to go out to Tapas tonight and wants to rendezvous at my house for a bit beforehand since Tapas doesn’t pick up till 11ish. Drew and company are coming over at nine. Craziness! I’ve lived in my apartment for nine months and despite all my trickery, had naught but Dan for visitors. Pinch Me.


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