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When Did That Happen?

Today was a pretty normal day.

I woke up this morning and went to work. I spent the day alternating between programming Actionscript and PHP and working with video. I ate lunch with the normal crew. I went to Don Cisso’s and met up with Kevin Flynn of Martino Flynn and a couple other top–notch coworkers. Rex and the rest of the Regulars were there. We shot the shit, smoked and drank until 9pm. After that I drove to Wegman’s to buy some squash, onions, and various vinegars and cheeses for dinner Thursday. I came home and did all the prep for the recipe—roasting and pureeing the squash. Then I sat down at the computer, paid some bills, and worked on some more Flash while I watched some Tivo’d Food Network shows. It would seem that I have quietly achieved my goals; I am living the life I was looking forward to six months ago.

When did that happen?

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