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Laura's Birthday '08

This photoset has 6 pictures
Party at Merc Bar - In the Red Room

IAC Holiday Party '08

This photoset has 87 pictures

FiLife Potluck '09

This photoset has 52 pictures
FiLife celebrates the holidays with an epic pot luck lunch and the exciting climax to the mysterious secret santa adventure.

Cheesesteak Crawl '08

This photoset has 43 pictures
On September 27th 2008 a group of intrepid explorers set out upon the rainy streets of Manhattan in search of one thing—a decent cheese steak. Seven steaks and dozens of blocks later, the day was over and the results were tallied. It all started here:

Justin Goes to Rochester

This photoset has 27 pictures
I flew up to the Roc to visit all the Martino Flynn people I miss so dearly.

St. Patrick's Day '08

This photoset has 6 pictures
A celebration of meat with pastrami and corn beef from Carnegie Deli and Katz's in New York City.

Another Weekend Upsate

This photoset has 17 pictures
9/10/2007 Upstate for memorial day.

Cucumber Water

This photoset has 6 pictures
How to make delicious (and healthy) cucumber flavored water.

Breakfast Biscuits

This photoset has 11 pictures
to start a Sunday

Frisee Tuna Salad

This photoset has 13 pictures
Seared tuna with frisee, currants, and crasins.

Herb Garden

This photoset has 16 pictures
I planted some herbs outside my apartment this year.

Pumpkin Dinner Party

This photoset has 20 pictures
10/26/2006 at my house on Prince St in Rochester

Dinner Party at Schkoda's

This photoset has 25 pictures
10/31/2006 at Schkoda's apartment at RIT

Roast Chicken Dinner Party

This photoset has 35 pictures
5/26/2007 at my house on Prince St in Rochester

Other food

This photoset has 12 pictures
Pictures of other food I've prepared

2007 Family Reunion

This photoset has 114 pictures
Upstate with the McCartney family.

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