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The newest motion picture project from J.J. Abrams is creating a lot of hype online. The trailer is now up on Apple and it’s ominous, vague, and awesome. Home video footage of a going away party captures what seems like an earthquake followed by a deep growl. The camera man goes to the roof with the rest of the crowd in time to witness a major explosion that rains down shrapnel across the NYC skyline. Once on the street, chaotic bedlam has set in. The trailer ends with the head of the Statue of Liberty rolling through the street after having been thrown through the sky.

The marketing behind this movie is what I find most interesting. The film has been produced in secret and didn’t have a real name until recently (before this only its codename was known: Cloverfield.) There is a web site that is frustratingly vague. There seems to be some crazy Internet connections being made across various (fake?) corporation sites and myspace pages as well. The discussions online seem to be centered around what the monster in the movie might be. Some say Godzilla but international licensing seems to suggest that to be false. Others are claiming Voltron which, to me, makes no sense at all. There’s a solid theory suggesting Lovecraft characters or at least allusions to them. Personally, I hope they never show the monster which would be much, much creepier.

This is classic Abrams. I love what this guy does with viral marketing. All this reminds me of The Lost Experience. He really relies on fans to figure out his secrets, leaving digital breadcrumbs for them to follow across many sites that don’t appear to be anything other than blogs, social network profiles, and corporate sites. Even with the information discovered so far, Abrams suggests that the best is yet to come.

I’m excited about this movie. That promo poster (above) is creepy as hell. It’s got some good actors in it, with a lot of unknowns. I noticed Lizzy Caplan in the trailer which got me all a twitter. She was great in Mean Girls and Freaks and Geeks but her standout performance as bitchy art-girl Kat Warbler on last year’s short lived sitcom The Class is what really sold me on her.


Big Bang Theory: Mediocre, Save for Kaley Cuoco

I just watched the pilot of The Big Bang Theory on CBS. It was about what I expected. Not great, but I laughed a couple times. Bonus: turns out the main character was Rusty in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. That’s street cred you can’t buy.

The one great thing, other than the credits which pleasantly surprised me, was Kaley Cuoco (pictures follow). She’s a little young (not really, but three years younger than me, and she looks it.) She’s cute though, in a way that works for the part. She’s just a nice, friendly screenwriter who works at Cheesecake Factory. Keep reading for some Kaley Cuoco photographs. Read the rest of this entry »


Shannynn Sossamon: Actress, Vampire Sire

Shannyn Sossamon

Shannyn Sossamon (aka #3) will play Coraline, a sexy, seductive vampire that prays on humans in the new show Moonlight premiering Friday September 28th on CBS at 9pm. Sossamon replaces Amber Valletta (Hitch, Transporter 2) in the role. This isn’t the only shift.

The original cast was not as immortal as the bloodsuckers they were playing. Every actor save the male lead has been replaced since the pilot was originally sold to CBS way back when. From what I can tell it’s all for the better. As much as Valletta reminds us of Cameron Diaz (what, just me?) I’ll take Sossamon any day. Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars), with his vulnerable cynicism, is another improvement to the cast.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sossamon, there’s only two things you need to know: she’s stupid-crazy-hot and she’s been in some great (40 Days and 40 Nights, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) and some awful (Rules of Attraction, The Order) movies. Oh, and she’s also a DJ and has amazing style and is generally fresh to death. Keep reading for lots of pretty pictures. Read the rest of this entry »


Join the Entourage

Entourage cast photo
Photo via

A clothing designer named Adriano Goldschmied, who I’ve never heard of but must be famous because he makes expensive clothes, has created a titular clothing line for HBO’s Entourage, which happens to be one of my top five favorite TV Shows.

I’m not sure if anyone is actually going to spend $170 on a pair of pants with the show’s logo on the label, but stranger things have happened I’m sure. Seems like the kind of thing Vinny Chase might do. Too bad they don’t have a run of limited edition sneakers, Turtle would jump right on that.

View the Entourage collection by AG.

Sloan with E

Sloan with friend
Photos via

You can’t mention Entourage without mentioning Sloan, The Hottest Girl Alive. I think it’s bollocks she hasn’t been on yet this season (on a break E? you’re a fool, you should’ve locked that shit down). The world is a better place every time a picture of Ms. Chriqui goes on the web. After you look at her, food tastes better, the sun burns brighter, and flowers smell prettier. True story.


Hot Actor Watch: Samaire Armstrong and Peter Krause in Dirty Sexy Money

Peter KrauseI’d heard this or that about Dirty Sexy Money, one of the new pilots ABC will be rolling out this fall, and I was substantially excited mostly due to the presence of Peter Krause. He popped up on my radar as Casey McCall on the hugely under appreciated Aaron Sorkin series Sports Night although he’s probably best known as prodigal son Nate Fischer on HBO’s Six Feet Under. The film We Don’t Live Here Anymore and the Sci-Fi miniseries The Lost Room cemented his talent for playing jerky, selfish guys you can’t help but like.

I was feeling a bit tepid for DSM however, mostly due to the title (in addition to the usual wide birth I give to pilot network dramas). Until today. Color me excited because I found out on James Poniewozik’s blog that Samaire Armstrong will star as a spoiled daughter on the show.

Samaire ArmstrongI first saw Armstrong on Entourage where she had a short lived relationship as both Ari’s assistant and E’s girlfriend (although I dig her, I must say E has traded up since. Sorry Samaire.). Later I saw her drop sick vocab on The OC (”anathema” has never sounded so hot) and caught her early role as a Noxema-commercial-pretty dead-head on Freaks and Geeks, which went unwatched by me until just recently. Since then I’ve caught her on various prime time procedurals and music videos (like the one at the end of this post). I find her hipster look more than appealing (plus she meets the “strange name” requirements for my top-three celebs) and the characters she plays to be nuanced and accessible.

With these two actors this show has moved up to the top of my list for new series I’ll be Tivoing this fall.

Samaire in Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” music video:


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