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Facebook Spam: The Other Shoe Has Dropped


So, it finally happened today. I got spam on my Facebook wall. Maybe this is common, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it. I thought something was suspect when a guy from my High School wrote on my wall apropos of nothing. Turns out he wanted to let me know about a site with great free ring tones.

I know it’s naive but these spamming fucks really get me down. This is why we can’t have nice things. I stopped using MySpace because of all the spam, and one of the reasons I love Facebook is because, up till now, it’s been spam free.

Hopefully this won’t become a trend.


The "Millennials” Are Coming

My boy Ryan Healy was on 60 Minutes tonight. First off, congratulations. Second, what’s with the expose being alarmingly snarky and negative toward our generation? I blame jealousy and a nostalgic “when I was your age” sense that Gen X and the boomers seem to have toward us. “Oh no, they want praise, they’re confident in themselves, they won’t devout countless hours to a company”. Exactly we won’t. Way to alienate your young viewers 60 minutes.

Any press is good press though, especially for Ryan and his site, Employee Evolution. Congrats to him on sticking up for a generation.

Watch as “Morley Safer reports on the new generation of “millennials.” They are in their late teens to early twenties and could be ill prepared for a demanding workplace.”

via CBSnews.


A Conversation About Design


This is great. I wish I’d had this video to refer people to when they ask me what being a designer means. That it’s more than graphic design or industrial design. You don’t need a beret or a drafting table; a compass or a set of paint brushes. It’s just telling a story. Also, this is an important video to refer to those egotistical designers, the ones who think people need to learn to use their work. The truth is, designers are artisans rather than artists, we build tools that people use, not things that hang on museum walls. Watch this five times then send it to all your friends.

via Pan-Dan.

Update: I grabbed the FLV and wrapped it in a new video player that allows full screen since it’s a tiny file. I hope it doesn’t upset the people at Moooi. I’ll take it down if it does. It’s 22mb so give it time to load. I suggest visiting the Moooi site unless you really want full screen.


Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are the New Mini-Sliders


Applebees has sliders on their menu. I think it’s safe to put a bullet in that trend and give it a proper burial. It had gotten to the point where you couldn’t pick up a cooking magazine without finding a recipe for “gourmet sliders”. Blame Daniel Boulud, blame Walter Anderson, blame whomever you want, I’m just glad the fad is over.

Now, before we’ve even had time to mourn the passing of this mediocre craze, a new one is rearing it’s ugly head. And that head is made of cheese. Grilled cheese. First the New York Times talked about grilled cheese culture in LA. Then the owners of The Bourgeois Pig got involved. Now it’ll only be a matter of time before Wylie Dufresne or David Chang starts adding “Upscale Grilled Cheese”—in the form of a deconstructed “Grilled Cheese Fondue” and a “Cubano Asiático: Grilled Cheese with Pork and Pickles” respectively—to their menus.

Count me out already. I don’t want to pay $20 for 10oz of melted fontina and manchego no matter how much its aged or what kind of life the organic fromagier lived while making it. Let’s just fast-forward to the Friday’s version and get the trend over with.


Carry Less T-shirts


Rita, a multidisciplinary Montréal design studio, has created a new series of t-shirts:

Carry less. These T-shirts are printed with every day items and accessories, the way they’re worn. Our debut series, “Beverly Hills 1980s-style”, includes a classic Walkman, roller skates, Ray-Ban shades and luckily a holster, complete with a gun.

These are cooler than cool. I especially like the sunglasses shirt, it’s the simplest but seems to work the best.

T-shirts are available in the Rita Boutique for $35.

PS. Rita follows my theory that the best URL for a mono-syllabic name or company is that word three times.


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