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Facebook Spam: The Other Shoe Has Dropped


So, it finally happened today. I got spam on my Facebook wall. Maybe this is common, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it. I thought something was suspect when a guy from my High School wrote on my wall apropos of nothing. Turns out he wanted to let me know about a site with great free ring tones.

I know it’s naive but these spamming fucks really get me down. This is why we can’t have nice things. I stopped using MySpace because of all the spam, and one of the reasons I love Facebook is because, up till now, it’s been spam free.

Hopefully this won’t become a trend.


A New Chapter

Brooklyn Bridge

Game on mother fucker.


Gosh Darn Knit

Etched Magnolias - Moleskine Cahier Journal Notebook - Gocco Printed - Lined
I have a confession to make. I love notebooks. I love getting new ones and flipping through them for the first time, when they’re crisp. I love filling them up with notes and changing their definition. What was once a bunch of blank pages becomes design notes, then it becomes job interview details, and on and on. When it’s full, it’s a little slice of your life all written down. As a blogger and web designer, I can now type probably twice as fast as I can write (assuming, that is, that I want to be able to read my writing later). There is something romantic and tactile about physically writing something down though.

That being said, I cruise Etsy very often for cool notebook designs. I hit the jackpot when I found goshdarnknit tonight. In addition to the image above, there are these illustrated styles:

Imaginary Friend - Moleskine Cahier Journal Notebook - Gocco Printed - Lined
Check it out. The notebooks are affordable and each one started as a moleskin so you know it’s quality.

Blogged with Flock


Bernstein is Cuddy, Finkel is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkel

Lisa Edelstein

Einhorn is a man! Lisa Edelstein, on the other hand, isn’t. Well, I don’t have first-hand knowledge of that but all evidence I’ve seen suggests that it is true.

The true gender of Edelstein is not the point of this. The point is that Lisa Edelstein—who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House—has always looked familiar to me. I could never put my finger on it. Every scene she’s in gives me that feeling like when you have a song lyric stuck in your head. It left me quite vexed.

Recently I tossed in an old Sports Night DVD to listen to, idly, while I caught up on emails and did some work. It was the episode called “Eli’s Coming”—one of my favorites—which centers around a bad day at work for co-anchor Dan Rydell (Josh Charles). One aspect of that bad day is that a new girl will be sitting at his side for the night’s broadcast, an alleged former paramour named Bobbi Bernstein who is played by none other than Lisa Edelstein.

That was the forehead slapping (more specifically, desk slapping) moment where it all clicked. I used to watch this show religiously in college so this episode, along with one or two others featuring the Bobbi Bernstein character, explain why Edelstein looks so familiar to me on House.

Edelstein has appeared in a couple other shows that I hear some people like to watch.


Getting Prodigal


I’m heading home for the weekend since it’s the time of year when it gets real pretty where I’m from. It’s been a long time since I was home last and it’ll be nice to see everyone. Especially my bro Tom who is 12 today. Happy Birthday!

I’ve got my camera so pictures from my planned hike through the woods with my dog are forthcoming.

Why the bear? Because it’s awesome!


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