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Martino Flynn goes Sans-Email for the Day

In what will be my last post about Martino Flynn (it’s my last day) I want to share this news broadcast. We recently gave up email agency-wide and the cameras were there to record the results.

Fun drinking games to play while watching the video:

  • Take a drink every time you see or hear Danielle
  • Take a drink every time there’s an awkwardly extreme closeup
  • Take two drinks every time ‘he’ or ’she’ is used instead of a proper name since, apparently, there was no fact checking.
  • Chug your drink whenever the ‘new email’ sound from Entourage blows out in an over-modulated fit of cacophony.
  • When you see me (it’s quick, and you might miss it) finish you drink and stand up. You win!

BTW, the blog they mention in the end (right after that lady-anchor does her comedy bit from 1998) was written by my boy Scott Wolf and it’s a pretty good read.

Justin Dickinson



One Response to “Martino Flynn goes Sans-Email for the Day”

  1. Lost Travel info Says:

    So in the new series Vince is back on top, loving it so far and as alawys Ari Gold is brilliant!

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