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May, 2007 Archive


Mike Doughty, Pomegranate Wheat and Wagner

Today was the kind of day that will become one of those memories about how good ‘it used to be’. I seem to have a lot of those, maybe I should start identifying them as they happen.

While at work I felt like I was productive but looking back I’m not so sure. There were a lot of coffee runs, your-mom jokes, lunch trips and beer drinking - even more than a usual Friday. Also, for the record, what does a guy have to do to live down an old, accidental mention of maybe being a Teddy Geiger fan? Bring up the lilac festival and it always ends in my own ridicule. Damnnnnnn!

I came home and envied luddites everywhere since any and all technology was failing for me and I was tempted to throw my computer out the window. This PC is harshing my mellow. It’s time for a Mac. Even the wordpress admin looks crappy on a PC. After having decided to wrestle with the PC rather than meeting R and J for drinks, I met up with them on the way to the Lilac Festival.

‘Busting up a Starbucks’ has a whole new meaning for me now because seriously, dude looks like he’s worked in one. When I got there and he was just starting to do mic check I was wondering “Who’s this barrista looking mother fucker?”. True story. What a great show though. It seemed short, but that might just be because I’m familiar with all his songs. It was pretty surprising to hear him perform ‘Circles’ though. Haven’t heard that song in ages. My major complaint was that he didn’t play ‘I Hear the Bells’ which is like going to Dino BBQ and not ordering ribs, or waiting till your married to have sex - it’s still awesome, but with an un-shakable feeling of disappointment.

After a car ride that I was sure would end in my death, it was time to go to the party. I don’t consider myself someone who networks a lot (I have friends that do that for me) but apparently Rochester is a smaller world since I knew just about everyone at the party by no more than two degrees. I got to chat food for a long time with some people who really know what they’re talking about. The party was a goodbye send-off, dude’s going to New Zealand to do awesome mo-graph work. The party dispersed after one of the most eloquent speeches I’ve heard and I left wishing I’d known all these people longer.

I wanted to Facebook everyone before I started forgetting who I’d met and luckily for me my unreliable whore of a PC decided to work this time. I think I’ll listen to ‘Bells’ before I go to bed. It’s Public Market time tomorrow.


Long time gone

It’s been awhile. I’m a bad blogger. Hopefully I’ll write a little more frequently, but who knows really.

I’ve got some ideas in the works for a couple other sites. A food blog and a more professional portfolio site. We’ll see when that happens.

Summer’s here; the question that’s been hanging on my mind for the last few weeks has been “Can this summer hope to compare to last year now that everyone has moved away?”. Only time will tell.

Good news: Mike Doughty is playing a free show tomorrow at the Lilac Festival which promises to be awesome. I’ve got a birthday party downtown tonight at Two89. Plans for two days in a row? At least the summer won’t start off sucking.


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